About Us

Who We Are

FBC DIGITAL HARDWARE offers premium quality graphic cards as Wholesale Graphics Cards Exporters. We have a wide and comprehensive collection of excellent quality Graphic cards which can be accessed from either part of the globe. FBC DIGITAL HARDWARE successfully assembled an in-depth and universal manual of top-class Graphic cards with the world’s leading graphic card manufacturers. We spread our Services around the world from our headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic and Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Our Company Values

Truth, Privacy, and Freedom. Truth is important. Without truth, one can’t live an authentic life. Without privacy, one’s behavior changes and it is no longer authentic. There are several forms of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to act, and freedom to own. With the current state of technology and the rest of the world, we feel that it is our duty to defend these core values. Preservation of these core values is the only way to protect nations and mankind from the misuse of rising artificial intelligence or the manipulation of behavior via propaganda, censorship, and always-present spying and dictatorship via money control.