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The BATMFour is our newest BATM based on the same features as the BATMThree platform. Bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash). Individual configuration. Distributes coins from wallet or crypto exchange. Color changing neon lights catch the attention of people walking by.




Buy BATMFour terminals from the world’s #1 vendor

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining the lion’s share of online payments. Some employees are even paid salaries in cryptos. And this makes machines for converting cash to cryptocurrency or vice versa a necessity. At Coin ATM Shop, we realize that better than anyone else, coming up with state-of-the-art BATM4s for sale.

We take pride in being the world’s largest Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM supplier. The brand-new BATMFour we distribute incorporates feedback from our clients and their requirements. The latest model is based on the same platform as the BATMThree machine but boasts more innovative software features.

Ergonomic design, easy mounting, and an intuitive interface make a BATMFour machine’s purchase a win-win solution. The lowest prices are guaranteed!

Features that make you want to buy the BATMFour

Our BATMFour terminals are the perfect choice for your Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain project. You’ll be surprised with the machine’s trouble-free converting process:

  • It’s you who chooses how much cash to withdraw.
  • The BATM prints out a ticket with the amount of cryptocurrency to be sent.
  • After the cryptos are sent to the terminal, you get a text message, which means your withdrawal is ready.
  • You need to scan the redeem ticket to grab your cash.

Consider mounting this cutting-edge machine at your parlor, as its bright neon lights draw the attention of passers-by. Reap the benefits of our newest BATM-based, bidirectional platform with individual configuration. Its sleek design is space-saving, while the price of BATMFour is another reason to smile!

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