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Genesis Coin Satoshi2 model (two-way) purchased directly from the manufacturer in January 2018. It is currently in West Chester, PA. It was professionally repainted due to a couple of rust spots that had formed due to its original location in an open-air restaurant.


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Make secure transactions with two-way  Satoshi2 crypto ATMs

Satoshi2, or a two-way Satoshi from Genesis Coin, is a 3rd generation crypto ATM cheaper than Genesis1 and supports both buy and sell Bitcoin transactions. It has a large 21-inch screen and the MEI SCNXL83 bill acceptor equipped with one of the best validators and a dispenser with two cassettes that can hold up to 2000 notes. These features make Satoshi2 excellent for use at high-traffic venues.

Satoshi2 crypto ATMs are also equipped with a thermal printer allowing users to print their receipts and generate crypto wallets if they haven’t set them up before. A barcode scanner, magnetic card reader, and camera allow you to establish a user’s identity. If you buy a Genesis Coin Satoshi2 to make it a part of your business, you can also set your logo on the interface, screen, and receipts owing to white-labeling support. Additionally, it’s possible to upload a screensaver to play it when the machine is not in use.

Good-quality Satoshi2 ATM at an attractive price

If you have decided to purchase a Satoshi2 machine that functions properly and won’t rip your pocket, Coin ATM Shop is a good place to look. Currently, we offer a used Genesis Coin Satoshi2 for sale. This crypto ATM was purchased directly from a manufacturer in January 2018. It was used in an open-air restaurant, which resulted in a couple of rust spots. For this reason, the machine was professionally repainted. Everything else operates and functions excellently. At this time, the Genesis Coin Satoshi2 is located in West Chester, PA. Local pick-up/drop-off and shipping within the United States are available.

If you seek more information about this crypto ATM, contact our support staff via phone or online contact form available on the website. You are just a few clicks away from generating extra profit.

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